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Choshen Mishpat
Consultation Line
?Can my sales people cold call potential customers, possibly luring them from their current vendors?
I just confirmed an important meeting; May I cancel my dentist appointment scheduled for this afternoon?
? I have numerous debtors; whom do I pay first?
Just open your eyes!

You will stumble upon hundreds of Halachic uncertainties throughout your business day. Uncertainties that usually get filed away, unanswered, due to the lack of an accessible venue, a competent address, which is available to discuss, analyze, and clarify the complexities of todays marketplace.

Bais HaVaad has become that address!

The highly popular Consultation Line is available during business hours to address those Shaylos, even when time is of the essence. Typically, questions get answered during the morning hours by our center in Yerushalayim. Questions that require further research are personally presented to the Torah giants of Yerushalayim and many times written up and delivered to the inquirer. In the afternoon hours, Dayanim and Choshen Mishpat professionals of our Lakewood, New Jersey division, use their vast experience, along with their astute perception of both the business world and the world of Choshen Mishpat to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to myriad of financial and social issues that face the Torah Jew in his business and social relationships.

So, next time you have a question, afford yourself the luxury of Halachic compliance! Call the Choshen Mishpat Consultation Line: 1.888.ITL.VAAD (485.8223) or simply Ask The Dayan.

Small Claims Dispute Resolution
Business today moves at a very fast pace and has taken on more of a global setting. The introduction of advanced technology allows companies and individuals to conduct business, hire employees, and enter into partnerships even from the remote distance. All too often, in the event of a dispute, the distance, the cost, and the inconvenience of a proper Din Torah inhibits the ability to adjudicate in the ordinary manner. This can lead to much unnecessary aggravation, as well as much wasted time, money, and effort.
Bais HaVaad has developed an expedient, cost effective, and time efficient manner to settle those disputes, thereby allowing litigants to move on... and focus on the tasks at hand. Click here for more.
Halachic Arbitration & Mediation
While individual consultation can yield practical results, many matters require the presence and presentations of both sides of an issue. In this type of circumstance, parties may make use of the Bais HaVaad Arbitration and Mediation Services. Here, they may discuss their issue in a non-confrontational and less severe atmosphere than Bais Din. Mediation can be held either in person or through teleconference where both parties have equal opportunity to present their positions. This service is often the key to moving forward amicably with many issues of financial and marital law.
Ribbis & Heter Iska
The laws of Ribbis are extremely intricate and require true expertise. This is especially true when applying them to modern day financial realities. When deals involving wheat crops and cattle turn into questions of Hedge-funds and bundled securities, an added level of insight and understanding is necessary.
May I buy a bundle of mortgages assuming there are Jewish loans included?
?May I take out a loan from a corporation that has a Jew sitting on the board?
Can I sign an agreement that requires an interest payment in the eventuality of an unfunded cash call. ?

The questions that arise are endless, yet the solutions quite straightforward....that is, before the deal is consummated. After the deal was structured incorrectly, it is difficult if not impossible to set it straight.

Bais HaVaad is available to guide you through the transaction, ensuring Halachic compliance, while alleviating unnecessary stress and the possible financial loss.

Our parents and grandparents gave everything they had to ensure that they did not desecrate the holy Shabbos. They lost job after hard-earned job never entertaining the notion of conducting or even discussing or thinking about their business on that special day.
With the realities of e-commerce, healthcare and inter-faith partnerships, we are faced with similar challenges which must be addressed each in their own individual way.
It is crucial for every Torah Jew faced with these questions to consult with Dayanim and Rabbanim who have a background in both the Halacha as well as its practical application.
Call to set up a consultation with Rabbanim who are proficient in both Orach Chaim and Choshen Mishpat and ensure that your business conforms with every aspect of our Shulchan Aruch: 1.888.ITL.VAAD (485.8223).
Contract Draft & Review

In virtually every business deal, thousands of dollars are spent in legal fees, ensuring that ones interests are represented and protected with the best protection legal experts can provide. We, as Torah Jews, know that should a specific agreement result in a dispute, the Torah mandated venue of settlement is in a proper Bais Din. A Bais Din functions using an entirely different language, as well as an entirely different set of laws, than that of the secular legal system.

Sometimes, with a quick review of a legal contract, and by adding and changing a few key terms, the exact same deal with the same terms and stipulations could have Halachic teeth as well.

Have your deals and contracts reviewed by a Dayan or a Choshen Mishpat Professional before you sign the contract, and save yourself much unnecessary aggravation and possible financial loss.

Contact service@thehalachacenter.org.

Halachic Wills & Estates

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate scenarios in life is the ill feeling that develops between family members embroiled in a financial dispute after the passing of a loved one. The loss of a family member is tragic enough and need not be complicated by the pain of strife and contention. While many individuals spend thousands of dollars consulting financial and legal professionals to ensure the distribution of their estate is organized from the standpoint of secular law, they fail to ensure that the same interests are protected in Bais Din.

Unfortunately, this oversight leaves room for much conflict; Torah committed Jews may not turn to the secular courts to settle a dispute.

With proper planning, this conflict can be avoided. The Bais HaVaad LInyonei Mishpat can assist those interested in setting a halachically compliant plan of distribution, for when the time arises.

Business Review

Many standard business interactions can lead the Torah observant Jew to serious Halachic violations unwittingly. Even a Ben Torah with the best intentions, who sincerely tries to do the right thing, will at times find himself in the uncomfortable position of not knowing what the right thing to do is. Consequently, he may forgo his rights and give up what is rightfully his according to Halacha, or benefit from that which is forbidden.

With a small amount of foresight, preplanning and the proper structuring, it would be rare that a conventional business practice cannot be effectuated in a way that conforms to Halacha.

The Bais Havaad L'Inyonei Mishpat offers a comprehensive business review to help business owners understand the Halachic guidelines which govern the entire range and scope of their business activities.

Common Areas of Halachic Consideration in Business:

  1. Marketing and Representation
  2. Sales and New Accounts
  3. Ribbis
  4. Shabbos and Yom Tov
  5. Employment Issues
  6. Onaah and Pricing
  7. Halachic Contract Compliance
  8. Partnership Agreements and Dissolution

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